Developer Advisory

Developer Advisory: WordPress components no longer bundled with WooCommerce Admin

tl;dr As of WooCommerce Admin 1.9, the @wordpress/components package is no longer bundled as part of the WooCommerce Admin codebase. The Details Early on in the development of WooCommerce Admin, the maintainers decided to bundle the @wordpress/components package with WooCommerce Admin. This helped ensure all of the features WooCommerce Admin relies on, notably React hooks, […]

Developer Advisory: Changes to WooCommerce Versioning Scheme

tl;dr WooCommerce Core and related ecosystem plugins are transitioning away from Semantic Versioning and adopting WordPress versioning. This transition will begin with WooCommerce 5.0, which will be a non-breaking change. Background A few years ago, WooCommerce adopted a Semantic Versioning (SemVer) scheme for its releases. This adoption marked an improvement from what had been a […]