WooCommerce Community News: March 2021

Howdy, Woo Developer Community! 👋 Here are some updates of recent happenings that you may have missed over the past month. Some items are detailed in previous posts on this blog, and other items are pulled from sources like GitHub. We’ve packaged everything into a digest to help keep everyone in the loop. Developer Resources […]

Developer Advisory: Compatibility Issue with E2E Environment and WordPress 5.7

tl;dr The built in testing container/server in the @woocommerce/e2e-environment package does not initialize properly with WordPress 5.7. We plan to release an update to the package next week that will include a fix for this issue. The details After each WordPress release, the Docker-WordPress project releases companion images providing docker-compose support for that version of WordPress. The e2e-environment container does not […]

WooCommerce Community News: February 2021

A note from your developer advocate Howdy, Woo Developer Community! 👋 As many folks may know, we facilitate a Community Chat in the #core channel of the WooCommerce Community Slack every month. This chat typically occurs the last week of the month and, for folks who attend regularly, you may have noticed that we didn’t […]

Help us make the WooCommerce Platform Better

We’re part of a team focused on improving the WooCommerce platform, and we’re trying to make it better for all developers. To help us better understand your needs as a developer, we’re inviting you to a quick survey. We’d love to get your input: Your comments and insights will help us make WooCommerce better for […]

E2E Package Releases

We recently released updates to all of our end-to-end testing packages: @woocommerce/api version 0.1.1 @woocommerce/e2e-core-tests version 0.1.1 @woocommerce/e2e-environment version 0.2.0 @woocommerce/e2e-utils version 0.1.2 Below you’ll find an overview of what has changed for each of these packages. @woocommerce/api This release contained compatibility fixes for the core tests and utilities packages. There were no new features […]

Adopting Standardized Labeling Principles

As the number of developers building with WooCommerce continues to grow rapidly, we’re putting an increasing amount of effort into measures that will provide an easier onboarding experience for developers who are new to the platform and which will reduce the development friction for seasoned WooCommerce veterans. One recent initiative we’ve undertaken is an effort […]